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"Ro is bold; she educates and inspires generously with her empathy. Her energy is magnetic. She won't be everyone slice of pie, but I am grateful to have stumbled into the bakery of her life."
Brandy Wright
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Create a foundation for yoga based movement through this class that builds strength and awareness.

Mindful Sweat

Take 21 minutes and build your energy on that mat. This is a fun 20 day challenge that creates patterns increasing mobility and endurance.

Tight Calves

Calves feeling tight? Noticing a bit of pain when sitting at the desk? Try this sequence for a bit of relief.

Hi, I'm Ro!

I enjoy long walks to the grocery store, volleyball, dancing everywhere, creating content that inspires, educates and makes you laugh. I’m a movement teacher that believes we can all find the right type of movement we just need to explore, listen and learn to figure out what it maybe. 

Community is important and a community has the power to create every lasting change through intention, impact and conversation.

I’m here to

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