Refresh your practice with this fun, inspiring and grounded series!

Enjoy the benefits of moving through short flows that build upon the elements of vinyasa, yin and mobility training.

What's Included

Thirty 15-minute practices for daytime and evening

Two 5-minute guided meditations 

Daily Motivation and Accountability

Prizes from Eleven Love, Ritual by Pure, Lululemon and more

15 minute day and evening practices

BONUS: Flow with Afrobeats inspired playlist class!

Daytime *ladder flow practices to kickstart your energy, create focus and set the tone.

*Ladder flow sequences that build on each other by adding a few poses per round and repeating the loop. With plenty of time for holds and also some quick one-breath bursts of movement 

Suggestion Props
Yoga Blocks/Large Books

Evening mobility and *yin-inspired practices to promote better sleep hygiene, undo some of tension from the day and ready for a new day ahead to move as efficiently as possible.

*Yin-spired sequences settle in to a pose gradually with mindful movement & flossing/pulses.

Suggestion Props
Blocks/Large Books
Blanket/Weighted Blanket
Pillow or Bolster

Ideal If You

Want to begin or reconnect with an at-home yoga practice

Have a busy schedule or need to add a movement break into your day

Need to add to your existing training program (single or multiple sport athletes) to increase performance & recovery

Modifications and various options are provided to make these grounded habits as approachable as possible.

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