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A practice doesn’t happen overnight. Take 7 days to try these sample class to give you an inside look to WildRoga Online. 



Real transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Take a guided journey that includes activities for your mind, body, and soul. Each week during the Alchemy Series you’ll practice:

  • Curated monthly theme with 2 yoga practices a week (Rise & Rest)
  • Thought-provoking reflection questions for the month
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Pilates Classes
  • Lessons/Skills Practice
  • Curated Playlists
  • Practice Calendar
  • Stand Alone Classes
  • Monthly Book Club Recommendation
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🎧 10 min practice

Learn ways to move in Bharmasana/Table Pose for your personal practice.

🎧 5 min listen

Take time to listen to your mind, body and surroundings.

🎧 10 min practice

A sneak peak into a sample from the alchemy series.

🎧 15 min practice

The back body is connected but how? Try this class taken out of a challenge.

🎧 45 min practice

A Vinyasa flow to build heat and strength. Grab your mat!

🎧 45 min practice

A live class recording and sample of Pilates movements and flow

🎧 20 min practice

Slow it down and turn towards a restful practice.
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I’ve She has both a playful energy and an authenticity that is crucial to providing inclusive movement classes for all bodies. I am grateful for her education and her dedication.

- Jaclyn Bates (she/her)


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