During the Fall/Winter months we start to feel a bit depleted in someway with being constantly on the move, adding more to our schedules and the cold evenings. We have the need to find warmth and be cozy all the while we’re not giving ourselves the opportunity to relax.

This journey is to help release stress while also allowing new/different energy to flood in.

Over 10 days take 20 minutes each day to

– Invite slow and deliberate movement
– Connect with yourself and stillness
– To give yourself that support and create coziness

What's Included

10 – Twenty Minute Practices

Two guided relaxations

Daily Motivation and Accountability

Prizes from some amazing partners + 50% off the Take It Slow Journal

20 minute evening practices

Ideal If You

Need to elevate your mood and reduce the negative effects of stress.

Are looking to invite better rest through slow movement

Need to add to your existing training program (single or multiple sport athletes) to increase performance & recovery

Modifications and various options are provided to make this cozy journey as approachable as possible.

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Rest, Relax, Get Cozy in

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