We are human beings, not human doings. 
                                                    – Wayne Dyer

I'm Ro!

Your friendly neighbourhood hype woman

Pie lover, mama, yoga instructor and believer in movement & mindfulness.

I firmly believe everyBODY is meant to move. Including yours. And I’ve made it my mission to help you fall in love with finding new ways to take care of the most important person in your life. You.

A whole lot of hype & a little woo, I see your weirdness and embrace it.

I want to help you learn to move, respect and love yourself through dance, yoga and mindfulness.

As your friendly neighborhood hypewoman I want to take you on a journey to move your body, open your mind and improve your relationships. Most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

The journey’s just a click away and I can’t wait to welcome you into our community.


You belong here.


Incorporate health into your life using relatable and creative approaches.

Movement sessions & Training

Learn more about how movement can help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle or create a health work environment. Group sessions are meant to help you explore natural movement that is adaptable and creates longevity. From yoga, mobility classes or strength and conditioning let’s begin to build your routine .

Speaker & Collaborations

Inspire your audience to walk confidently in their own power, to disrupt spaces and create change in a healthy way. The goal is to educate, engage and leave the audience with knowledge they can grow with.

Brand Partnerships & Content Collaboration

Connect your brand with my trusted audience with through campaigns, blogs and more to build authentic growth through led experiences.

Success Stories

I’ve been able to team up with the best partners, teach the most exceptional students and create alongside some amazing teachers. Here are their stories.

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